What is the Challenge?

The Bullying Pull-up Challenge is a 30-day challenge that helps spread awareness of the bullying in our society. It is our goal to help stop the cycle. Each participant must do a set of pull-ups every day for the duration of the challenge.

Starting with 1 pull-up on day one, then adding 1 new pull-up to the set each day, the challenge is designed to show the compounding difficulties of being a bullying victim. As the pull-ups become harder and harder, so too does living life as a bully victim. Bully victims are often unnoticed as their cries for help can go unheard.

Once you have completed the challenge to your fullest capabilities, we invite you to challenge at least 2 other participants to the Bullying Pull-up Challenge.

Do the Pull-ups

Tell the World

Stop the Cycle

Why Do the Bullying Pull-up Challenge?

Together, let's tell the world that bullying won't be tolerated. There's no place in our society's future for hatred and the mistreatment of others for any reason.

As challengers, we're all doing pull-ups for the betterment of our future!

This challenge isn't meant to be taken lightly. It will be hard. It will be gruelling. This may very well be the first time that you do a pull-up in many years. It's physically challenging, just as it is mentally draining.

That said, we know that you can accomplish the task at hand!

Don't Know How To Do Pull-ups?

Learn how to do Pull-ups 😐
Find out where to do Pull-ups 🙂
Get Crazy doing Pull-ups 😀
It's for a great cause!

Pro Tip: There are less challenging pull-up variations that even a beginner can do! Check out the 30+ types of pull-ups that we discovered!

Challenge Instructions

Step 1 - The Pull-ups

To do the challenge, you need to do pull-ups every day of the challenge.

Day 1: Start the challenge by doing one pull-up.
Day 2: Do the same number of pull-ups as the previous day, plus one more.
Day 3: Repeat the process from the previous day. You should be doing 3 Pull-ups.
Day 4: Repeat the process from the previous day. You should be doing 4 Pull-ups.
Day 5: Repeat the process from the previous day...etc.

Pro Tip: Break your Pull-ups into sets if you need to. All daily pull-ups must be performed in the same session.

Step 2 - The Challenge Duration

The Bullying Pull-up Challenge is a 30-day challenge that should be performed in thirty consecutive days.

By the time you finish the challenge, you will have done a total of 465 pull-ups over thirty days.

Congratulations! What an amazing accomplishment!!

Step 3 - Spreading the Word

1. Take a video of each pull-up session. The video can be live or edited.
2. Post the video to your social media pages. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube Twitch, etc. with the hashtag #antibullypullups
3. Nominate 2 new Bullying Pull-up Challengers.
4. Help share their challenge progress on social media.

Pro Tip: Do you have personal experiences will bullying? Share your story throughout your challenge.

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