Founder’s Challenge, The First Ten Days

So, 10 days of pull-ups have come and gone. How did I do? Well, I can confidently say that I am able to do each full set without breaking them up. Although, Days 9 and 10 were a little challenging, I was able to hammer them out.

"Why am I do thing this?" you might ask. Well to be honest, I've always wanted to do something for a social cause but never really figured out what that cause might be, or how I could support it. Then one day not long ago in October 2018, I read a post on facebook about a child that had died by suicide at the age of 13 because he was bullied so much. It was the saddest thing that I have read in quite some time. It was then that I decided that with my marketing background I could build something to help create awareness for situations like this and help people remember that not only do our children matter greatly, but that we also need to be kind and respectful to one another to stop bullying in its tracks.

Here's a recap of my first 10 days of progress for my Bullying Pull-up Challenge:

Day 1, Ahead of Schedule at Anytime Fitness

I decided to get a head start on my pull-up challenge ahead of my original schedule.

The first day was pretty easy. I used the combo machine at my local gym and cranked out my first pull-up without hesitation.

Day 2, L-sit style Pull-ups

Here's to doing pull-ups at home using my Duonamic Eleviia pull-up system. Here, I tried a couple of L-sit style pull-ups. Tough abdominal muscle workout too. I need to work on my form a bit.

Day 3, Hotel Pull-ups Before Travel Day

After some searching, I found a way to do my pull-ups for Day 3 of my challenge. It was a little sketchy but not entirely unsafe. I did bop my knee on the combo machine handle.

Day 4, First night in Hawaii Cranking Out 4

After a long day of traveling, we made it to our condo. First order of business was to set up our Duonamic Eleviia and complete day 4 of my bullying pull-up challenge!

Day 5, First Day in Hawaii Doing my Pull-ups

Yep, Bullying Pull-up Challenge upside down! 5 + 1 Pull-ups for the win on a beautiful Hawaii morning.

Day 6, Outside Trying Towel Grip Pull-ups

Just before breakfast, I ventured out onto the lawn of our resort to try some palm tree supported towel grip pull-ups.

Day 7, Dedicating This Set to Owen Miller

To the boy, and many unfortunately children like Owen Miller, I dedicate these pull-ups to you. No child should go through this. More Pull-ups to help stop the scourge of bullying. Please join me in this challenge while we spread love, kindness, and respect for one another.

Day 8, Windiest Day Ever at Maks

There are no words. So, I pumped out 8 pull-ups no matter the weather!

Day 9, Pull-ups Before Beach Time

What a great day for the beach! I can't forget about my pull-ups and why I am doing this though. Here's to day 9!

Day 10, Fight the Chocolate, Do the Pull-ups

When you spend a day of eating chocolate, what better way to defend against the impending sugar crash. Do pull-ups! My first 10 days completed.

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